Subject and Genre Essay Breakdown

A breakdown of what to include in a Subject and Genre essay. 

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  • Subject and Genre Essays
    • Introduction
      • Identification of works (artist, title, date)
      • Clear statement of subject/genre in line with the question
    • Story
      • What is the story? (Bible/ mythological)
      • Who are the people?
      • What is the scene?
      • Who ordered it to be painted? Why?
    • Composition
      • Where are the elements on the canvas? Why are they like that?
      • Is it in line with convention? Why? Why not?
    • Style
      • Handling: Rough or fine? Why is it important?
    • Colour
      • Realism? Emotion? Warmth?
      • Description and explanation. Why is it important?
    • Spatial Depth and Size/ Material
      • Figure modelling? Use of light and tone? Use of perspective?
      • Sculpture - actual depth of modelling?
      • Detail and significance explored
    • Message/ Effect
      • Interpretation?
    • Conclusion
      • Summarise points


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