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  • Hokusai
    • Context
      • ukiyo-e
        • Floating world
      • Inspired impressionists
        • Japonisme
      • "If I could only have one more day, I could do a great painting."
      • He is inspired by european art
      • According to the Brooklyn Rail: "many artists collected his woodcuts: which came to exemplify the new movement, is visibly influenced by Hokusai's work.
      • He died May 10, 1849
      • Hokusai produced his best works after the age of 60
    • How nature is implicit in his work
      • Always depicts Fuji which was deified
      • Nature is often more powerful than man
    • Main Works
      • The Great Wave under Kanagowa   1828­–1833
      • Most popular work is the ukiyo-e series Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji 1826 -1833
    • Key Charectaristic
      • Block print
      • Use of Prussian blue
      • Produced  pictures of almost every kind of subject, including flowers, birds, and scenery from legends and everyday life.
      • Incorporated European elements such as landscape perspective and realism into traditional Japanese styles to produce exciting new images


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