youth cultures related to ethnicity

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  • Subcultures are related to ETHNICITY
    • FOR
      • RASTAS
        • youths who created their own subcultures to resist racism
        • key characteristics:
          • wearing vibrant colours:
            • Red
            • Yellow/Gold
            • Green
          • Dreadlocks
          • smoking marijuana
          • reggae
        • HEBDIGE
          • argued that their subculture existed due to their exclusion in British culture and the racism that they experienced- which links to ethnicity
          • Also backed up by CASHMORE & TROYNA
            • Added that Rastafarians resisted the racism by turning inwards and creating their own ethnic subcultures, so that the British couldn't criticise as it wasn't originally their subculture
          • Marxist
        • BENNETT
          • saw that traditionally  a key part of first generation Asians identity was bangra music. now it has been adaped into 2nd and 3rd generations asians music, through pop, rap and reggae.
            • based less on resistance to racism and more on incorporating their ethnic cultures into new forms of Asian identities
          • also linked to NAYAK- WHITE WANNABES
            • when white rappers adapt their style to that of a black rapper.
              • characteristics of:
                • Gold Chains
                • Objectification of women
                • violence
          • Post-modernist
        • Primitives are a ethic group from non-western cultures
          • modern primitives have adapted the style of primitives by using body modification and heavy tattooing to show they are part of a particular group or "neo-tribe"
        • VALE & JUNO
          • say they partake in this body modification and heavy tattooing to show they are part of the group as a sense of 'membership'


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