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Outline the evidence that some ethnic groups are advantaged in the
contemporary UK (20)
Education (Asian)

Explanation: more ethnic minority groups are more likely to achieve 5 A*-C grades at
GCSE compared to their white counterparts

Evidence: Modood ­ notes that ethnic minorities make up 16 per cent of

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Explanation: white people are less likely to live in poverty; statistics show that 60%
of Pakistanis and 70% of Bangladeshis live in poverty, compared to 20% of whites

Evidence: Flaherty ­ ethnic minority groups tend to live in more deprived areas
where there are fewer opportunities to escape from poverty.…

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that 25% of Johnnys and Jennys were hired compared to 13% of Abus and Yinkas;
suggesting there is still discrimination in the job market even in relation to
someone's name


Explanation: found that around two fifths of people from ethnic
minorities live in low income households, which is…


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