Strengths and weakness of working memory model

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  • Strengths and weaknesses of the working memory model
      • Provides a more thorough explanation of storage & processing in STM than the MS model.
        • The model views rehearsal as optional rather than a vital process and so is more realistic than the central importance it is given by the MS model
          • It is concerned with both active processing & the brief storage of info & so it is relevant to activities such as mental arithmetic & verbal reasoning (real life problems) - ecological validity
            • It is supported by a huge body of research evidence - Baddeley&Hitch, Baddeley et al
      • Very little is known about the main component - the central executive, eg we have no idea of its capacity. We do not fully understand how it supervises and coordinates the slave systems.
        • Baddeley (2001) added the episodic buffer making the model more complex. This suggests that the model is not complete and may still need further revision.
          • The model does not make it clear how we deal with info from the smell and touch senses
            • Doesnt explain how the VSS & AP loop are coordinated - offers no exp of what happens to info that could be placed in both systems.


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