Strengths and weaknesses of Tsar Nicholas II

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  • Strengths and Weaknesses of Nicholas II
    • Personality did not suit the position
    • Preferred to stay isolated form events
    • Received a military education
    • Personally answered his letters
    • Loyal to family
    • Worked hard and paid close attention to details
    • Head of the Orthodox Church
      • 70% of the Russian population
    • Did not delegate tasks
    • Civil servants were often bribed
    • Influenced by Rasputin
    • Russia was 'Backwards'
    • Did not wish to be Tsar
    • Could be Indecisive
    • Felt threatened by able Minesters
      • Fired Witte
    • Only saw ministers face to face.
      • Lack of communication between ministers
    • Did not appoint positions due to competence


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