History: EBIs



  • You must know key dates, including the Lena Golfield Massacre (1912), October Manifesto (Oct. 1905), date of the setup of the First Duma (1906), when Alexander III (1881) becomes Tsar, Bloody sunday (Jan 1905), etc.
  • Sequence of Tsars: Alexander II (1855 - 1881), Alexander III (1881 - 1894), Nicholas II (1894 - March, 1917) - Nicholas II was the last Tsar.
  • Be aware which Tsar ruled in which period. You can include points about the reign of other Tsars but they must be relevant and you should not go off on a tangent.
  • On short answer questions, particularly those with 4 marks, explain briefly what it was and focus on its effect on Russia and thus its significance.
  • Learn how to answer short answer questions - 10 mark questions don't seem to be a problem for you. Again, describe what happened followed by its effect on Russia. 
    • Read the question. Eg "what was Alexander III's policies of repression and why he introduced them"
    • Mention dates (makes you look pro) and use relevant words from glossary.
  • Learn the names of relevant key figures
  • Have knowledge of key events and what happened, even if it isn't a clearly marked event (eg Alexander III's repressive…


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