Strengths of Wiemar

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  • Strengths of the Wiemar
    • Dealt with opposition
      • Left wing
        • KPD- the spartacists lead by Rosa Luxemberg and Karl liebnect
          • January 1919- failed as it was unorganised, not enough support and the right wing (friekorps) and the left wing (SPD) joined forces
          • Both leaders were murdered without trial
      • Right wing
        • Munich Beer hall Putsch November 8/9th 1923
          • Nazi party- led by Adolf Hitler
          • Caused by the ending of passive resistance and because Hitler believed that the Nazis had the support of the (right wing) Bavarian government
          • Failed because Hitler over estoimated the support from kahrs government, they turned against the nazis, 16 nazis were killed, Hitler dislocated his shoulder and was arrested for treason
        • Kapp Putsch March 1920
          • Led by Wolfgang Kapp and General luttwitz
            • Luttwitz was the leader of the friekorps (demobbed soldiers)
              • Army refused to fire at the friekorps
          • Caused by the disarmament of the army (treaty of versailles only allowed 100,000 soldiers)
          • Eberts government had to flee to dresden
            • they called for a general strike which stopped the putsch
          • kapp fled to sweden
    • Constitution
      • Everyone aged 20 and above could vote
      • Article 1, 21 , 41
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