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  • "Steadily shuffling"
    • It takes form as a stage direction
    • At the time, it's where Blanche's impending departure and the males are playing poker
    • It shows that the character is in control of the situation, "steadily" implies that Stanley's being careful while handling the cards, he's cautious that one wrong move could ruin everything
    • It explains that throughout the play, Stanley has been cautious about his movements but also he's the one in control and has been all this time.
    • The adverb suggests caution, perhaps relating to when he ***** Blanche he was careful to cover his tracks
      • The notion of "shuffling" suggests not knowing what may appear, in card games there's something particular about picking specific cards, i.e. queen. but Stanley is keeping everything mysterious, again signalling that he's in control
    • It contrasts when Stanley throws the plates across the room showing that he loses control a bit, he lost his steadiness - became unstable
    • It gives the image that Stanley holds all the cards in his hand, but the cards symbolise everyone in the house and their fates. Blanche was controlled into going to a mental asylum
    • It links with control and Stanley's masculinity well. His "steady" hand contrasts against Blanche being unstable and not steady
    • I think it means that Stanley is enjoying being in control, the "steadily" notion evidences this. Shows he's relaxed and confident, doesn't really care what's going on
      • The shuffling again links to the idea of not knowing what will happen but in some way Stanley knows what's happening because he's the one in charge of the cards so in some way he is deciding the path and "card" of each character
    • It links with his control of Blanche when he ***** her, it also associates with the control of Stella's blouse at the end. In a way he controls Stella as well, when they argue, he summons her back to him and she does


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