German Divide (FOUR ZONES)

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  • German Divide (FOUR STATES)
    • In 1946 Nuremburg trials were held
      • 22 leading Nazis were put on trial
        • 12 of them were sentenced to death on the 1st October 1946
          • Goering managed to commit suicide the night before his execution, by ingesting poison.
    • NATO was military organisation for Western countries made in 1949
    • The Warsaw Pact was a military organisation for the Eastern Bloc. This was set up in 1955
    • At Yalta 1945 territorial changes were made to Germany.
    • Stalin held the staunch opinion that because the Soviets had lost 25 million soldiers in the war he deserved the most land. He wasn't going to back down to the allies
    • In 1946 half a million Germans expelled from Czechoslovakia came to the USSR
    • Many Jews felt uncomfortable with either re establishing their lives in countries which had tries to exterminate them. They also felt uncomfortable with Zionism
    • Between 1945 and 1947 it is estimated that 2 million German women were ***** by Soviet forces.
    • In the winter of 1946/47 the conditions in Germany were severe. This was worst in the West and food rationing was implemented.
    • Denazification
      • Western denazification was very limited.
        • The Nuremburg trials were art of this
        • Concentration camps were set up as museums so people didn't forget the horror of the holocaust
        • The West decided that Nazism was a choice and personal. Whereas, the Soviets believed that it was about social and economic factors.
      • Soviet denazification consisted of 're training' Germans for the Soviet lifestyle.
        • Concentration camps were set up as museums so people didn't forget the horror of the holocaust
    • Truman was an imperialist and hated communism.
      • The Marshall Plan was created. This was America giving  economic help to countries that they felt were under the threat if communism
        • In reaction to that the USSR created COMECON. This was essentially the same thing for the Eastern Bloc.
    • Soviet Politics
      • Because of the rampant **** and violence from the Soviet troops the KPD found it hard to gain democratic support.
        • However, the SED were gaining support.
          • Therefore, the KPD forced the SED to enter a coalition,


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