Post-war Germany notes

What happened to Germany after WW2.

Yalta & Postdam etc.

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The destruction of Germany
More than 3 million German soldiers were killed, 1 million taken as prisoners
of war in Russia, never to be seen again.
Ones that survived had serious wounds and psychological damage, and had to
face the fact that they had committed wartime atrocities either against the
Jews or civilians in occupied countries ­ Russia and Poland.
The savage allied bombing raids accounted for the lives of half a million
A million German people lost their lives in the general migration from East
Prussia to the west in Spring 1945.
Yalta Conference
Yalta (Russia because Stalin refused to leave as fear of flying and
assassination and replacement) ­ February 1945. Or maybe Stalin wanted
them to come to see the condition of Russia by the Germans for sympathy.
Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin accepted the agreements their officials had
reached in 1944 on the military zones the three allies would occupy in
Germany after her surrender ­ although on Churchill's insistence, France was
also given a small zone.
A four power military council for Germany was set up in Berlin, which was
also to be divided into four Allied military sectors.
Stalin did not have any definite policy about Germany, except to insist that
the Russians should extract as much compensation as possible from the
Germany economy for the damage the Nazis had inflicted on the Soviet
The Soviets put forward figures from $10billion - $20billion.
The conference postponed a decision on this issue by setting up a
Reparations Commission to determine how much Germany would pay and in
what form she should pay it ­ although the Soviet claim was accepted as the
basis for discussion.
Marked a high point of allied unity.
Poland's fate fell into hands of the Russians.
But by the time Potsdam came around, the atmosphere of the Cold War
became evident.

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The Nuremberg trials: 1945-1946
Hitler, Goebbels and Himmler had already committed suicide.
Goering, Hess, General Keitel and General Jodl remained to face trial.
22 individuals went to the dock.
3 acquitted.
12 sentenced to death.
Remainder faced prison terms of varying length.
Goering took his own life in his prison cell, and the remaining executions
were carried out on 1st October 1946.
Potsdam (Berlin) ­ 17th July ­ 1st August 1945.
On 12th April 1945 Roosevelt died. Replaced by Truman ­ more abrasive.…read more


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