Solar-Derived Energy Resources - Biofuels

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  • Solar-Derived Energy Resources - Biofuels
    • Solar energy that was captured by plants during photosynthesis is stored as chemical energy, which can be used as fuel.
      • Waste materials from other activities can be used as sources of energy...
        • Crop wastes such as straw can be burned to heat buildings. In LEDCs crop waste is used for cooking
        • Forestry wastes can be shredded and burned in furnaces for electricity generation
        • Combustible domestoc and industrial wastes can be incinerated to generate electricity. Waste heat from the incinerator can be used to heat water or to heat local buildings
        • Anaerobic bacterial digestion of sewage and dung produces methane that can be burned as a fuel for heating and cooking or to generate electricity
        • Landfill sites that contain organic wastes will also produce methane by the action of anaerobic bacteria
      • Energy crops may be deliberately grown for their energy value...
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