Global climate change

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  • Global climate change
    • Consequences of rising greenhouse gases
      • Rising sea levels
        • Melting ice caps and expansion of the warmer oceans
          • May cause flooding of low-lying land and increased coastal erosion. Some island could disappear
      • Common extreme weather events
        • More frequent severe storms
      • Change in temperature and distribution of rainfall
        • Impacts on the food-producing capacity of different regions
        • Dry areas will get drier and monsoons will get heavier
        • Some areas will become less suited for growing crops
      • Changes in the distribution of wildlife species
        • Some become extinct, ecosystems put under stress
    • Solutions
      • Reducing carbon footprint
        • The carbon footprint of a product, service or event is the total amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases emitted over its full life cycle
      • Pump the carbon dioxide produce in fossil fuel power stations deep underground to be absorbed into porous rocks
        • Could be done in old,redundant oil fields
      • Taxing fossil fuels and cars that burn a lot of petrol
        • fund research into alternative forms of energy
      • Governments can support the use of bio-fuels
        • which are made from plant material that absorbs carbon dioxide during photosynthesis, efectively just returned to the atmosphere when burned
        • Given to improve home insulation and to conserve energy
          • Incentives can be given to improve home insulation to conserve energy
    • Problems of reducing carbon footprint
      • Incomplete internal co-operation on setting targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
      • Reductions will have cost implications in all manufacturing and transport industries
        • Poorer countries weren't originally included in negotiations, not main contributors to greenhouse gas emissions
      • Scientific disagreement over causes of climate change
        • People need information about global climate change, so everyone can make a positive contribution
          • Using less electricity and walking rather than using cars with reduce emission of fossil fuels
  • Carbon capture and storage


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