Sociologists approach and functions on education

Marxist and Functioanlit's views on eduaction. 

Unit 1

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  • Sociologists approach to the functions of the education system in society
    • Functionalists approach
      • 1.Serving the needs of the economy
        • teaches the knowledge needed that future workers will need in a competitive global economy
      • 2. Selection
        • The education system acts like a sieve, grading people and allocating them to jobs based on their individual abilities and exam results
      • 3. Facilitating social mobility
        • Allows students to move up/down the social ladder giving those from disadvantaged backgrounds an equal chance
      • 4. Encouraging 'Britishness' and social cohension
        • Through formal education (e.g citizenship),  pupils identify with British culture and  themselves as British Citizens.To reinforce the 'glue' in society.
      • 5.Secondary Socialisation
        • Pupils learn the culture,norms and values of their society .
      • 6. Social Control
        • Teach pupils to conform and to accept rules (e.g. Punctuality) and adult authority.
    • Marxist approach
      • Benefiting privileged groups
        • Reinforcing Social Inequlities
      • Breeding Competition
        • helps to maintain the capital system
      • serving interests of the ruling class
        • Passes ideas and beliefs that benefit the ruling classes
      • Reproducing the class system
        • Instead of rewarding pupils on individual abilities but favours pupil from ruling classes.
      • Secondary Socialisation
        • The education system socializes working class children accept their lower position in society.
  • Key Concepts: *Capitalism *Function *Functionalist approach *Hidden Curriculum *Hierarchy *Marxist approach *Meritocracy *Official Curriculum *Social class *Social cohesion *Social inequalities *Social mobility




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