sociological approach

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  • sociological approach
    • defining sociology
      • social factors shaping human behaviour.
        • study of society: group of people.
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  • sociological approach
    • defining sociology
    • study of society: group of people who share a culture or a way of life.
      • what sociologists study.
        • social structures
          • families
  • education
    • legal system
      • social stratification
        • social processes
          • primary and gender socialization.
            • secondary socialization
              • formal and informal social control.
                • discrimination.
                  • social issues
                    • teenage parenthood
                      • educational underachievement.
                        • fear of crime.
                          • causes and effects of inequality.
                            • sociology and psychology
                              • psychologists: individual: mental illness
                                • sociologists: social influences: group behaviour.
                                  • sociology and biology
  • Biologists: biological causes or characteristics.
    • sociologists: social or cultural.
      • sociology and journalism
  • reporting may be biased and research is less thorough.
    • sociologists: select and use evidence in a balanced way.


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