Social, economic and environmental impacts of an increasing energy demand

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  • Social, economic and environmental impacts of increasing energy demand
    • Economic advantages
      • Encourages investment in infrastructure
      • Employment
      • Export earnings
      • Foreign currency
    • Economic issues
      • Over reliance on one industry
      • Raises cost of living for indigenous people
      • Benefits may not reach local population (leakage)
    • Social advantages
      • Better quality of life
      • Investment in services such as education and healthcare
    • Social issues
      • Displacement
      • Pollution
      • Conflicts
    • Environmental advantages
      • Investment in renewables
    • Environmental issues
      • Damage to ecosystems
      • Pollution
      • Waste
      • Deforestation
    • Niger Delta
      • 20000 foregin oil workers in Nigeria
      • Niger imports 75% of it's commodities
      • 9-18m population
      • MEND-Movement for Emancipation of the Niger Delta
      • MEND hire armed gangs and criminals to steal oil from, and vandalise oil exporting companies
      • $2.2bn of oil produced per month in 2008 in the Niger Delta
      • MEND beleive that wealth from oil is unfairly distributed, and that oil exploitation is causing environmental damage
      • Oil companies hire other gangs in return to protect their oil
      • 5000 miles of pipeline
      • 10 olympic swimming pools of oil stolen each day
      • $15bn of oil stolen each year
      • Said to be an oil spill every day
    • USA fracking
      • In 2011, the US produced 8,500,983 million cubic feet of natural gas, taking an average of $4.24 per thousand cubic feet
        • Gave a value of $36bn form shale gas alone
      • In 1980, fracking supported 267000
      • Natural Gas imports decreased by 25% 2007 and 2011
      • US predicted to become a net exporter of gas
      • Shale Gas contributiion to GDP in 2010 was $76.9bn
      • Set to be $118bn to GDP by 2015, and $231bn by 2035
      • Kinder Morgan invest $70m a year into reasearch
      • US department of labour gave a $5m grsnt for shale gas training in 2008


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