Social and cultural factors

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  • Social and cultural factors
    • family support
      • someone who does not have the emotional support/ encouragement of their family will find it much harder to progress
    • status of elite sport within their family
      • performer's progression will be hampered if elite sport is not viewed as high-status or worthwhile by the performer's family, community or culture
    • experience of sport at school
      • progress towards elite status is more likely if their school has policies and strategies to encourage talented individuals
    • financial resources
      • pay for equipment, training facilities, travelling expenses, coaching, medical support etc.
      • personal socio-economic status is important as not all sports receive lottery or government support
    • country support
      • performer needs high-class specialist facilities, world-class coaching, medical and technological help, funding to allow full-time training
    • infrastructure
      • TIPS, clubs and structured levels of competition
    • media exposure
      • high-profile sports with role models will motivate individuals to improve


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