Theories of Aggression

Instict Theory

Devised by Freud

Aggression is genetically inherited

Trait of violence lies with everyone


-Not all all people are agressive

-Depends of situation of enviroment

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Social Learning Theory

Devised by Bandura


Learnt by watching and copying role models

More likely to occur if part of social and cultural norms


-not everyone in a group is aggressive

-don't always copy role models

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Frustration Aggression Hypothesis

Devised by Dollard


Frustration develops when goal directed behaviour is blocked

Triggers aggressive gene


-don't all behave like this

-enviromental factors

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Aggression Cue Hypothesis

Devised by Berkowitz

Frustration creats readiness for aggression, but enviromental cue triggers it

e.g. unfairness, nature of game


-same cue can elict a different response from the same person

-same cue can have a different response from different people

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