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Historical Studies

in the 1970s and 1980s state schools were affected by teachers industrial action.

explain the impact of teacherss' industrial action on the participation of young in physical activity in 1970 and 80s. describe three positive impacts of the national curriculum for physical education in state schools today. (5)

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Historical Studies

contrast pre-industrial social and cultural factors relating to popular recreation with post-industrial social and cultural factors relating to rational recreation. (5)

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Historical Studies

explain the low status of lawn tennis in public schools at the end of the the 19th century and possible barriers to participation in tennis by young people today. (5)

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Sports Psychology

attributions for success or failure in sport often given by performers and their coaches.

identify four different types of attribution proposed by Weiner's attribution model and give a practical example for each identified. (4)

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Sports Psychology

describe how goal setting can impact on participation and performance in sport. (5)

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Sports Psychology

explain the causes and effects of evaluation apprehension on sport performance or lifestyle behaviours. (6)

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Exercise and sport Physiology

describe the physiologial adaptions that you would expect to occur to skeletal muscle after the completion of a maximum strength training programme. (4)

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Exercise and sport Physiology

during recovery the body returns to its pre-exercise state.

describe the main processe involved in the lactacid component of the recovery process. (5)

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Exercise and sport Physiology

outline and justify the advice you would give to an endurance performer about the content and consumption of the pre-competition meal. (6)

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