Outlining and Evaluating Bowlby's Theory of Attachment

Outlining and Evaluating Bowlby's Theory of Attachment

I have compiled these notes as part of my AS Psychology course. The notes are a brief overview of how to outline and evaluate Bowlby's Theory of Attachment, and are part of the AQA Psychology A Specification.

This, along with my notes on the Theory of Attachment, should help you to answer the longer, 12 mark prose questions on the exam paper.


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Outline and Evaluate Bowlby's Theory of Attachment
Evaluation of the Theory:
AO1 - Outlining
Innate and adaptive
Secure Base
Social Releasers
Monotropy Theory
Sensitive/Critical Period
Internal Memory Model (Templates or Schemas)
AO2 - Evaluation
Research undertaken by Goldfarb and Spitz & Wolf
o Research supports Maternal Deprivation Theory
Harlow's Monkeys shows secure attachment
Other factors affecting the theory
o Differences in children could have contributed to the poor development of
those in the institution
Spitz and Wolf
o Differences in Children (as Goldfarb)
o Doesn't explain why 2/3 of the children lived
Bowlby confused Deprivation (Loss of mother) with Privation (Never have had a
Harlow's Monkeys demonstrated privation and isolation and not deprivation
Cannot be generalised
1 AS Level Psychology


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