Social problems of drugs and alcohol

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  • Social problems of drugs and alcohol
    • Tobacco: causes problems for the families of smokers as they watch them suffer and die
    • Alcohol
      • Inner city Friday/ Saturday nights: Binge drinkers
      • Responsible for: 41% of all deaths from falls, 30% from drowning, 25% boating deaths, 45-55% fire deaths
        • 55-75% of murder victims and 40% of **** offenders had been drinking at the time of the incident
        • 50% of those who commit sexual abuse crimes had been drinking
    • Illegal drugs
      • Drug dealers are criminals
      • Leads to violence between criminal gangs
      • Drug takers need to spend a lot of money on drugs and many turn to crime to pay for this
      • Some people become violent when they have taken drugs


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