Christian attitudes to alcohol and tobacco

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  • Christian attitudes to alcohol and tobacco
    • Can be consumed in moderation
      • Jesus first miracle: turned water into wine at a wedding so Jesus must have approved of drinking alcohol
      • St Paul said Christians could drink in moderation
      • Jesus drank wine during his life
      • At the last supper (Passover) Jesus uses bread and wine and told his disciples to continue the  tradition.
      • Most Churches use alcoholic wine in their communion services
      • Catholic Church: Catecism says Catholics are allowed to drink in moderation
    • Some Christians (especially Pentecostals, members of the salvation army and many Methodists) believe in total abstinence
      • Tobacco and alcohol is abusing God's temple just as much as taking drugs
      • Bible passages warn against drunkeness
      • Bible teaches that alcohol impairs judgement, inflames passion and invites violence
      • Concerned about the social and health problems associated with people using drugs and alcohol. Christians ought to set a good example of a good and healthy lifestyle and abstain from these things
      • Many Christians are involved with working with alcoholics and know how much it helps in social situations if they are supported by others who do not drink as recovering alcoholics cannot drink alcohol


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