RE short course morality drug abuse notes

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  • Drug- a chemical substance that can alter a persons mind or body
  • Legal drug- a drug that the law allows you to consume
  • Ilegal drug- a drug that the law doesn't allow you to consume

drugs categories

  • catagory 1- useage

           -social drugs- drugs people use to socialise (alcohol)

          -recreational drugs- drugs that are consumed as part of a reacreational activity that are mainly illegal

  • catagory 2- damage to body and addiction

              - soft drugs- drugs that are less harmful to the body and mind

              - hard drugs- drugs that are very damaging mentally and physically and are highly addictive (heroin)

  • Catagory 3- the law

             -class A- very harmful- cocaine, heroin, LSD

             -class B- moderatly harmful- cannabis, speed

            -class C-least harmful- anabolic steriods

  • Catagory 4- physical effects on the body

            -Depressants- drugs that shut down parts of the brain (alcohol)

            -Stimulants- drugs that excite parts of the brain (caffine)

            -Hallucinogenic- make people see things that arn't there (magic mushrooms)

Why people use


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