What is a drug?
A substance which affects the body or mind
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What are prescription drugs?
Drugs obtained only with a doctors consent
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What is drug abuse?
Using drugs in a way that harms the user
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What are social drugs?
Legal drugs such as alcohol, nicotine and caffeine
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What are legal drugs?
Drugs that can be purchased legally, some have age restrictions.
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What are solvents?
Some aerosols, glue and gas lighter refills abused by sniffing
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What is drug classification?
Three legal categories by which illegal drugs are classified in British law according to the level of harm they do and how addictive they are
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What class does cannabis fit into?
Class B
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What type of drug is tobacco and alcohol?
An addictive social drug
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What is rehabilitation (Rehab) ?
A process by which addicts are helped to defeat their addiction to drugs
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What is the mind?
The mental and emotional aspect of the self
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What is the body?
The physical aspect of the self
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What is taxation?
A percentage of the money paid for a product that goes to fund various services such as the NHS
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What are recreational drugs?
Legal or illegal drugs taken for the buzz that they give
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What is medicine?
Prescription or over the counter drugs that are used to treat illnesses
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What do the Ethiopian Coptic Church believe?
All though they're Christians, the Ethiopian Coptic Church believe that cannabis can be used as it's a natural herb that God has provided us with.
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What do Christians believe?
All Christians shouldn't take illegal drugs or misuse prescription drugs as it affects the body and mind that God provided us with. And by doing so you're harming the temple god lives in "if anyone destroys Gods temple, God will destroy him."
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Classification of illegal drugs
Class A- the most harmful addictive such as heroin, cocaine and LSD. Class B- not as harmful and addictive as class A but still harmful, such as Baritunates and Amphetamine. Class C- the least addictive and harmful such as, cannabis
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Class A- up to 7 years in prison for possession and up to life for supplying. Class B- 5 years for possession and up to 14 years fir supplying. Class C- up to 2 years for possession and 14 years for supply.
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Problems with social drugs
Tobacco causes heart disease, lung cancer and other conditions. Alcohol is a depressant which could cause liver damage, obesity and heart damage.
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What do people drink alcohol?
Influenced from friends, makes them feel more confident, peer pressure or they're addicted.
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Why do people smoke tobacco?
They smoke to relax, their friends smoke, they're following role models or they may think it's normal (growing up in a smoking house hold)
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Why do people take illegal drugs?
They're addicted, peer pressure or have progressed from legal drugs such as alcohol.
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Religious attitudes towards not using alcohol or tobacco
Smoking is discouraged in Christianity for the harm it does but it's left to the individual's choice, many Christians belive it's harming the body God created for us. The Christian church does not forbid the drinking of alcohol in moderation.
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Personal choices and public effects (alcohol and tobacco)
Every packet of cigarettes has a health warning on them aimed to make smokers stop smoking. As smoking can be expensive, could affect your health and the people around you (family/friends)
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Reasons for not using illegal drugs.
They cause addiction, they affect the individual's health and there are many social implications that illegal drugs have. Some people can struggle financially if they don't have the money to buy the drugs (could cause them to steal money)
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Christian teachings against illegal drugs
The emphasis is on the harm drugs do to the individual, the family and society. Christianity teaches that help should be given to addicts
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