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  • Many of the achievements of Cholas were made possible through new developments in agriculture.
    • Cholas Agriculture and Irrigation.
      • Water from the river Kaveri also provides the necessary moisture for agriculture, particularly the cultivation of rice
      • Agriculture had developed earlier in other parts of Tamil Nadu
        • Fifth or sixth century that this area was opened up for large scale cultivation.
        • Land had to be levelled in other areas
      • Delta Region
        • Embankment--s had to be built to prevent flooding
        • Canals had to be constructed to carry water to the fields
        • A ninth-century sluice- gate in regulated the outflow of the outflow of the water from a tank into the channels that irrigated the fields.
      • ninth-century sluice
        • A sluice gate is traditionally a wood or metal barrier which is commonly used to control water levels
        • flow rates in the rivers and canals
      • Variety of methods were used for irrigation. they are:
        • Wells
        • Dug
        • Huge tanks were constructed to collect rainwater
      • Irrigation works require planning
        • Organising labour and resources
        • Most of the new rulers, as well as people living in villages, took an active intrest in these activities
        • Maintaining these works and deciding on how water is to be shared


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