Comms Technology

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  • Technology
    • Digital Divide
      • Inequality between groups in terms of use of knowledge of information and communication technologies
        • Social classes
        • Gender
        • MEDCs and LEDCs
    • Marshall McLuhan
      • the global village
        • Modern technology has united the world
        • Immediate communication
        • Social spheres are greatly expanded
        • Physical difference is less of a hinderance
      • the medium is the message
        • Each medium has its own effects which are its own unique message
          • Different mediums of communication = different social/cultural practices + norms
        • Text, phone calls, letter, skype, face-to-face
    • Neil Postman
      • Technopoly
        • Without technology we are nothing
        • Society is defined by technology
    • Foucault
      • Pan-optician
        • The all-seeing eye
        • Surveillance society
    • Technological determinism
      • The technology we have at our disposal in a society determines the way we see the world


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