Social Influence - Types and Explanations of Conformity

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  • Social Influence: Types of Conformity
    • Kelman 1958 suggested 3 ways people conform to opinion of majority.
  • Opinions persist even in the absence of group members.
    • internalisatio
    • Person genuinely accepts group norms. Public and private change opinion/behaviour. Permanent. Attitudes are internalised.
  • Sometimes we conform to opinions/behaviours of a group because we value/desire the group.
    • identification
    • We identify with group, so want to be part of it. Publicly agree with norms to achieve this, even if we don't privately agree.
  • Temporary conformity. Outwardly go along with majority view but privately disagree. Stops as soon as group pressure stops.
    • Compliance
  • Informative Social Influence (ISI)
    • Explanation - Deutsch and Gerard 1955 - developed two process theory, 2 reasons why people conform.
    • ISI = cognitive process. Likely to occur in situations new to a person or where it isn't clear what is right.
    • We agree with the opinion of the group because we want to be correct. Human need to be right.
  • We agree with opinion of the majority to be accepted.
    • Normative Social Influence (NSI)
    • Gain social approval, to be liked.
      • Norms regulate behaviour of groups so we pay attention to them.
        • Occur when we fear rejection.


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