social impact theory

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  • social impact theory (2nd theory of obedience)
    • definition-SIT is an explanation of the extent to which other people real/imagined presence can alter a way an individual    acts/feels /thinks
      • this impact is determined by strength immediacy and number of source during an interaction
    • social = effect comes from other people
    • impact = it has an affect on our behaviour
    • Bibb Latane
    • sources and targets
      • source = the person doing the influencing
        • target = the person being influenced
    • I = F(SIN)
      • this formula indicates how 3 main factors predict how a target will change their thoughts/feelings/actions
        • strength = how powerful the source is
        • Immediacy = how close the source is
        • Number = number of source present at interaction
    • Multipliclative effect
      • increasing  strength, immediacy, number can significantly increase social impact
        • e.g lightbulb analogy
          • watts (strength) x how close to the light (immediacy) x number of bulbs (number)
    • divisional effect
      • social impact is reduced if there are more targets than sources - impact is / by number of targets
    • the law of diminish return
      • latane states that once the group is 3+, each additional person has less of influencing impact
        • the impact of adding 1 extra person to group of 2 has more of an impact than adding 1 to group of 52


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