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  • SOCIAL IMPACT THEORY (Description)
    • Intro:                  -Proposed to explain how people function in the presence of others.              -Theory can help understand why people obey.                -The Social Impact Theory states that there is a source and a target.               -Source: people who are responsible for the influence.         Target: the person being influenced.      -The impact of the influence depends on 3 factors.
    • Strength:           -One of the factors that would cause the target to obey the source is strength.            - Strength refers to how important the source is to the target.        -Strength can be determined by status, ability and relationship to the target.       -For example if the source is in a position of high power or status then we are more likely to be influenced by them.                -Targets are more likely to be obedient when they view source as the authority figure. (uniform)
    • Immediacy:      -Another factor that would influence whether the target is obedient is immediacy (closeness).     -If the source is psychologically or physically close to the target then the social impact theory states that we are more likely to obey and carry out orders.
    • Mathematical Formula (Multiplier Effect)               -I=F(SIN)          -Impact will depend on function of Strength x Immediacy x Number            -The stronger the strength (legitimate authority), immediacy (closeness) and the higher the number of sources the larger the impact (obedience)    -This is called the multiplier effect.
    • The divisional effect:                -As the number of targets is larger than the source the targets are less likely to obey. There is a division of social impact


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