Evaluation of social impact theory

Social Impact Theory- Supporting evidence

  • Milgrams's variation with three teachers, gave less obedience = 10% went to 450v
  • Latańe and wolf (1981) - size and status of the group will affect when an individuals attitudes are influenced.
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Social Impact Theory- Conflicting evidence

  • Milgrams variation study, changing the place of the study to a run down office block= 47.5% obey to 450
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Social Impact Theory- Usefulness

  • Can produce a reliable prediction from the mathmatical formula.
  • Formula can be generalised to all cultures.
  • Social impact theory can be applied to how police control riot effectively.
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Social Impact Theory- Testability

  • The theory can be tested using studys similar to Milgrams studies but varying the strength number and immediacy in the study.
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