Social democracy: education

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  • Social democracy: role + function of education
    • desires meritocracy but understands that the system as it is currently, cannot deliver
    • believe it is possible to work within capitalism to create a fairer system
    • inequality of outcome is both desirable and inevitable
      • this is because they believe that some people are naturally more talented and intelligent than others
    • Halsey
      • the grammar-school system disadvantages working-class kids
      • the 11+ tests middle-class culture and therefore falsely labels the working-class kids as less intelligent
    • believed that the tri-partite system needed to be abolished and replaced by the comprehensive system
      • everyone would therefore receive the same opportunities and w/c + m/c kids could mix
    • agree with functionalists in that education has a key role in creating a skilled workforce
    • education has a key role in ensuring the competitiveness of the British economy
    • Evaluation
      • inequality of opportunity remains and education has not created a meritocracy


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