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  • Neophilliacs
    • Increased Consumer Choice
      • Convergence, compression and interactivity has led to this.
        • Competition between media institutions increases quality.
        • New Media gives people more choice in delivery.
    • E-commerce Revolution
      • Caused by increased usage of internet.
        • Commercial Companies have own websites, e.g. Amazon.
        • More choice as it increases competition = lower price & more customer control.
          • Commercial Companies have own websites, e.g. Amazon.
    • Revitalising Democracy
      • Seaton
        • Gives voice to those that would go unheard.
        • Could lead to social change.
          • Can challege power elites.
      • Offers more info and education to play active role in democracy.
        • Advancing progressive politics.
      • Communicates info/views that traditional media do not show.
        • Advancing progressive politics.
      • Wide range of view points, interpretations & information.
        • Itzoe (1995)
          • 'Confederation of millions of users communicating in the freest forum of speech in history.'
            • Any political view can be found and represented  online.


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