Durkheim's Theory of Education



- Education fulfils positive functions for society:

  • By promoting social solidarity.
  • By teaching specialist skills.

Durkheim's Theory of Social Solidarity

- Social solidarity refers to the ties that bind people together in society.

- There are two forms of social solidarity:

  • Pre-industrial era: mechanical solidarity.
  • Modern era: organic solidarity.

- Education ensures that solidarity is not lost.

How does Education Achieve This?

- Passes on shared heritage -> history, literature, music -> students understand aspects of culture.

- Communal gatherings -> assemblies, prize giving -> promote values of community.

- Social cohesion -> enrichment, sports activities, house systems -> sense of unity.

Contemporary Applications

- Michael Gove refers to Curriculum 2013 began with History.

- Introduction of the 'island story' of Britain; including history from the Magna Carta to the Internet.

- Compulsory teaching of British values:

  • Democracy.
  • The rule of law.
  • Individual liberty.
  • Mutual…


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