Slavery: History Mind-map

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  • slavery
    • what is slavery?
      • civil rights
        • civil rights are freedoms which all citizens of a /democratic country/ have as a right
        • eg/ freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly
      • slavery is being owned by someone, essentially becoming someone else's property.
      • freedom is the right to act speak and think as one wants/ the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved
    • modern slavery
      • there are aprox. 30mill slaves worldwide
        • in places like: Poland, Romania, Nigeria etc.
      • just ove 2/3 of victimes are female
      • examples of modern slavery
        • Bonded labour
        • child labour
        • Forced marrage
        • descent-based slavery
    • the slave trade
      • the triangular trade
        • 1) British merchants sailed to wast Africa to trade arms and other processed goods
        • 2) slaves were taken across the Atlantic (middle passage) to America
        • 3) raw materials (eg/ cotton, sugar, tobacco) are shipped back to Britain to be processed
      • how did it develop in the 17th and 18th century
        • for the first time, plantations were used in the Caribbean, meaning the number of slaves being transported hugely increased
      • it was Britain's biggest enterprise in the 18th century
        • it meant that Britain had the raw materials to process and profit off of  eg/ cotton mills
        • eg/ Manchester-Cottonopalice also Liverpool and Bristol
    • Middle Passage
      • extremely tight conditions - often unable to move
        • From traders perspective: too loosely packed- not enough slaves but too tightly packed- disease & death
        • breathing could become difficult
        • smell: vomit, faeces etc.
      • disease was common eg/ small pox, ophthalmia etc.
    • Slave Auction
      • treatment of slaves
        • they were handled like animals
        • families were often separated
      • How were Auctions Organised?
        • one type: highest bidder IE. your classic auction
        • another:grab and go - took place on the ship, everyone got a ticket, each slave had a predetermind price
    • King Cotton
      • what was the relationship between slavery and cotton?
        • cotton was grown in slave states
          • when the production expanded to new states, the population of slaves increased
          • slave states were all in the south (Dixeland)
        • slaves worked on the plantations, and picked an processed the cotton
      • Why Did Slavery and Cotton Production Expand in the 19th Century?
        • Eli Witneys cotton gin made cotton processing much easier and faster
          • this increased the demand for cotton
        • industrial revolution increased demand for cotton, increasing demand for slaves
        • US constitution said not to discus slavery until 1808, so people imported slaves before it was banned


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