GCSE Music- Skye Waulking overview

Breif overview of the Skye Waulking song

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  • Skye walking song
    • Structure
      • The skye wauking song has eight verses
      • It begins with an intro, ends with an outro and has an instrumental between verse 6 and 7
      • Mostly based around three chords: C, Eminor and G
    • Instrumentation
      • Combines both rock and folk instruments
      • Rock instruments
        • Synth, wurlitzer, bass and drum kit
      • Folk instruments
        • Fiddle, accordian, pipes, bouzouki
    • Texture
      • Heterophonic texture
      • Contropuntal texture created through counter melodies, bass line chords on the synth and a rhythmic pattern on the drum kit
    • Melody
      • Pentatonic
      • Mainly syllabic
      • Alternates between verses
    • Harmony
      • Key of G major
      • Has a modal feel
      • Based around C, E minor and G
    • Dynamics
      • Stats quietly. Higher pitch= louder dynamics.
      • Louder when full band plays


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