Capercaillie "Skye Waulking Song"

AoS 4 "Skye Waulking Song" by Capercaillie key points

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Folk Music

Means 'music of the people'

Passed on by oral tradition

It is about everyone being involved, even those with basic musical skills are encouraged to sing along.

Found around the world in every culture.

Bob Dylan was a famous folk musician. He often did protest songs which are folk songs with political lyrics.

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Folk Instruments

Some traditional folk instruments include.... 

  • accordion
  • bagpipes
  • guitar
  • harmonica
  • bodhrán - large Irish drum
  • bouzouki - a Greek string instrument
  • concertina - a smaller accordion
  • fiddle
  • mandolin
  • piano
  • hurdy gurdy - similar shape to a violin, played by turning a wheel
  • tin/penny whistle 
  • uileann pipes - sweeter sounding bagpipes
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Skye Waulking Song

It is a fusion between Celtic folk and Western popular music.

Waulking is an old process used for making tweed more flexible and waterproof. Waulking songs are sung while waulkign to keep time nad make the work more intersting.

Capercaillie are a Scottish folk music band.

the Skye Waulking Song was released on the Album 'Nadurra' in 2000.

The song is in Scots Gaelic with some nonsense syllables.

The song tells a tale of Seathan, son of the Irish king. 

The full title is "Chuir M'Athair Mise Dhan Taigh Charraideach" (My father sent me to a house of sorrow) 

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Important points

The vocal part is sung using the E minor pentatonic scale. 

Melody and Rhythm are more important than harmony. The harmony used is simple with only four chords. When the chord sequence changes it is very noticeable, highlighting the change in section and mood.

Instruments improvise around the melody simultaneously. Sometimes creates a heterophonic texture, sometiess weavig a complex counterpoint areound teh melody and scale (G major)

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