GCSE Music AoS4: Skye Waulking Song by Capercaillie

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Capercaillie is a modern folk band. It has eight musicians and was formed in Oban in Scotland in 1984.

Their main singer is Karen Matheson, who often sings in Scotish Gaelic.

They use both traditional musical elements as well as contemporary ideas. This is called FUSION


Waulking is a traditional processed used in cloth making where the cloth is cleaned, softened and thickened. Women pounded the cloth or trampled on it.

They would sing songs to pass time and keep on rhythm with each other. It also lifted their spirits.

These songs would be in call and response style, where one woman sings the verses and the rest join in at the refrain.

Skye Waulking Song

This piece was released in 2000 in Capercaillie's album 'Nádurra'.



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