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By Katie Marsh…read more

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Folk Music
* Music of the people
* Passed on by oral tradition
* Played at informal occasions
* Anyone can join in to the best of their
* Passes on tales of life, legend and heritage…read more

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Folk Music Around
The World
* Every region of every
country has its own folk
* Woody Guthrie and Bob
Dylan were famous US
folk performers
* Protest song were
written with political
lyrics…read more

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Folk Instruments
* See page 128 in your text book
* Took on innovations such as electrification
* Purists didn't like use of electric instruments
* Electric instruments meant that some of the style
of rock came into folk music…read more

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* Mix of different musical
* Cappercaille fuses Celtic folk
music with western pop music
traditions…read more

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Waulking Songs
* Waulking is ancient process of making
* Waulking songs were played to keep
everyone in time whilst making the
* Workers would join in, sometimes
adding nonsense syllables
* Many verses and repeats as all the
workers added their own sections
* Waulking songs still performed in
Scotland to keep tradition alive even
though tweed is now made by machine…read more

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