GCSE music: capercaille- skye waulking song

capercaille- skye waulking song analyisis

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ALBUM- nadurra- released in 2000

type: Celtic Fusion


  • waulking is a name for the process of maiking cloth which was carried out by women
  • the band mix together traditional celtic music and more contemporary ideas too


  • E minor and G major


  • 1st section - piano
  • 2nd section- forte
  • fade out ending
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  • simple and repetitive
  • based on a PENTATONIC scale


  • sung in scots gaelic
  • there are two MAIN verses
  • and two INSERT verses calles seisd 1 and seisd 2
  • after each line of the verse one of the inserts are sung
  • the inserts are egsamples of the NONCENCE sylables/ vocables (fa la la)
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Metre and rythm-

  • 6/8
  • strong rythm helped keep the workers in time
  • it is polyrythmic (lots of rythms at the same time)
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  • uilleann pipes
  • flute
  • fiddle
  • accordian
  • bouzouki- A long-necked Greek instrument. The instrument is played with a plectrum and has a sharp metallic sound, looks like a 


  • drums
  • piano/ keyboard
  • Bass Guitar
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Intro- verse 1- break- verse 2 - verse 3- verse 4- verse 5- verse 6- instrumental- verse 7- verse 8- outro.

  • the verses are strophic (which means that they have the same melody)
  • there is no chorus
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