Lord of the Flies Simon Character Profile revision mind map

Mindmap for character profile of Simon in Lord of the Flies, useful if anyone is building up a profile list for Simon or other characters, I'll add more later about other character profiles. Any more qoutes you have that I can add would help greatly.

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  • Simon
    • Lonely, prefers Loneliness
      • '' Here, here they are ''
    • Intelligent, wise and insightful, mature
    • Gives Piggy back his glasses and offers him some of his food
      • Quiet, kind, shy, compassinate, with nature
    • Quiet, kind, shy, compassinate, with nature
    • Has sense of Morality
    • Name of Jesus's 12 disciplies
    • Mistaken for the beast and gets killed
    • Only boy on the island to grasp that the beast is just the horriable aspects of mankind
    • Represents spritial nature of human side
    • Alone knew the true knowledge of the beast
    • Christan Theme
    • Christ like figure
    • He could have helped the boys realize their own fear
    • ''What I mean is, maybe its only us ''
    • Prophetic
    • No one listens to him!!!!!!!
    • '' The beast is only inside them


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