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Two boys have been evacuated.
"the home countries" ­ the fair boys automatic reaction from someone calling him.
The fat boy is bothered about there being no adults, but the fair boy is happy about there
being no adults.
The body of the plane has been washed out to sea.…

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Page 30-31 ­ Jack has stabbed the tree several times, here Golding is showing Jacks
potential for violence which gives a bad and frightening element to the chapter.
Page 32 - Here Golding presents Piggy giving the realistic aspect to the problems
Page 32-33 ­ The imagery that Golding presents…

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Here is a change between chapter 1 and 3, here Jack is hunting the pigs.
He is sniffing the air and acting like an animal
His hair has grown longer and he is sunburnt here Golding presents the fact that time has
moved on.
Page 49 ­ sharp cry bird…

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Gradual decline in boys behaviour
Golding describing a day on the island ­ light and heat
The children are forgetting about the rescue
The boys are afraid of "the coming of dark" because of the beasties
There are categories of children such as "littluns" and "bigguns"
The littuns are about…

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Page 81 ­ Golding represents the boys as becoming less alliterate and coming out of
Page 82-83 - The boys are losing their ability to do things and work things out ­ including
Piggy (the intelligent one)
Page 83 ­ Ralph recognises Piggy's ability to think.
The conch is…

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A man has fallen from a parachute and is dead
Page 109 ­ Golding shows that the boys are frightened by their rushed dialogue, making
things up and looking for their spheres etc.
Page 112 "However...sick" he cannot believe this picture of the monster. Simon thinks of a

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Page 120 ­ There is a pause in their lives, how they are going from an ordered life and an
uncivilised life.
Ralph is dismayed the dirty state of the boys and considers the harsher terrain of the other
side of the island.
There are signs of neglect "yet hair,…

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Ralph, Jack and Roger report what they have seen.
Jack argues that the hunters can kill the beast
Pathetic Fallacy ­ the weather neglects the characters feelings
Ralph describes the hunters as "Boys armed with sticks" ­ Page 137 ­ Which hurts Jack
Jack tries to overthrow Ralph as leader…

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"What else is there to do" This quote Simon has said before
Simon is dying but described as an old man who is wiser
Page 164 ­ Jack is presented like a god "Jack, pained and garlanded, sat there like an idol."
"Chattered in his ear like an ape" ­…




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