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Lord of the flies

Most important events of novel
boys get trapped on island
create own society, make rules
kill a pig + paint faces ­ become savage
idea of the beast introduced
Simon's death
Society breaks up, arguments
Piggy's death
Get rescued

The relationship between Ralph and Jack is…

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Simon and Ralph ­ Simon guides Ralph, both `good' characters

"Ralph counted. `I'm chief then"
"Ralph sat on a fallen trunk, his left side to the sun. on his right were most of the choir,
on his left the larger boys who had not known each other before"

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The themes are explored through the characters and are exaggerated as the characters are
children so it shows how they respond. War and savagery are explored as the novel shows
the transformation of the innocence at the beginning to the gradual savageness. Disintegration
of society is explored through the obvious…

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Changes roles, original rescue, cooking, murder
Jack lets fire go out ­ likes survival and being in control
Island set on fire = get rescued ­ dramatic irony
Used for power ­ everyone wanted it

Biblical illusions
Simon ­ sacrificial, outside of society, Christ like
Biblical setting

Disintegration of…


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