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English Literature Exam Revision
Othello/To kill a Mockingbird/Heroes
Wjec Spec
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Extract Questions
Mood and Atmosphere
What does this reveal?
Characters: Othello
Michael Cassio
Themes: Othello
Character Profiles: Heroes
Larry LaSalle(On Last Year's Paper)
Francis Cassavant
Nicole Renard
Themes: Heroes
(Illusion of) Heroism
Characters: To Kill A Mockingbird
Jean Louise "Scout" Finch (On Last Year's Paper)
Jeremy Atticus "Jem" Finch
Charles Baker "Dill" Harris
Atticus Finch
The Radleys
Bob and Mayella Ewell
Themes: To Kill A Mockingbird
Women and Femininity (Stephanie, Maudie, Aunt Alexandra)
Unseen Poetry
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Extract Questions
Mood and Atmosphere
What does this reveal?
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Characters: Othello
Othello's commanding posture, his calmness as he meets the swords of Brabantio's posse with a joke ("Keep up your
bright swords, for the dew will rust 'em"; I, ii, 59) conveys a sense of physical prowess so obvious that it is rarely
called into action; when Othello threatens the brawlers in II, iii, 160, 193-5) we have a sense of enormous power
subdued by complete self-control.…read more

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Like Othello, Desdemona undergoes a dramatic transformation over the course of the play. At the play's beginning,
Desdemona's an adventurous spirit ­ when her new husband is called away for military duty in Cyprus, she begs to
go with him and can't stand the thought of remaining at home, where there isn't any action.…read more

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Desdemona has seemed capable of meeting or even rising above those demands. In the end, Othello stifles the
speech that made Desdemona so powerful.…read more

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One reason why this play is so shocking is not just that we see a good man destroyed by a wicked one, but that the
weaker, incomplete, Iago brings down the stronger, nobler and fully human Othello. So how does this happen? A
common mistake is to see Iago as a masterly villain, fully in control of his victim, only losing his grip when the
tragedy is irreversible.…read more

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­ the person
he should have known best.
Michael Cassio
Cassio is a hinge on which the play turns. On the one hand, it is his promotion that arouses Iago's jealously. On the
other, it is his alleged (but non-existent) love affair with Desdemona that arouses Othello's jealousy. Cassio is very
much of a ladies' man.…read more






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