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English Literature Exam Revision
Othello/To kill a Mockingbird/Heroes

Wjec Spec

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Extract Questions

Mood and Atmosphere

What does this reveal?

Characters: Othello



Michael Cassio

Themes: Othello


Character Profiles: Heroes

Larry LaSalle(On Last Year's Paper)
Francis Cassavant

Nicole Renard

Themes: Heroes

(Illusion of) Heroism

Characters: To Kill A Mockingbird

Jean Louise "Scout" Finch (On Last Year's Paper)…

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Extract Questions

Mood and Atmosphere

What does this reveal?

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Characters: Othello

Othello's commanding posture, his calmness as he meets the swords of Brabantio's posse with a joke ("Keep up your
bright swords, for the dew will rust 'em"; I, ii, 59) conveys a sense of physical prowess so obvious that it is rarely
called into action; when Othello…

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Like Othello, Desdemona undergoes a dramatic transformation over the course of the play. At the play's beginning,
Desdemona's an adventurous spirit ­ when her new husband is called away for military duty in Cyprus, she begs to
go with him and can't stand the thought of remaining at home,…

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Desdemona has seemed capable of meeting or even rising above those demands. In the end, Othello stifles the
speech that made Desdemona so powerful.

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One reason why this play is so shocking is not just that we see a good man destroyed by a wicked one, but that the
weaker, incomplete, Iago brings down the stronger, nobler and fully human Othello. So how does this happen? A
common mistake is to see Iago…

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is so good at predicting and manipulating other people's behaviour, only fails to understand one person ­ the person
he should have known best.

Michael Cassio
Cassio is a hinge on which the play turns. On the one hand, it is his promotion that arouses Iago's jealously. On the










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