Should the NHS fund IVF?

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  • Should the NHS fund IVF?
    • No
      • NHS is already financially overstretched
        • Should treat those people that are already alive rather than creating new lives that will need to be cared for
      • Low success rate: 32.2% under 35 years, 27.7% 35-37 years, 20.8% 38-39 years, 13.6% 40-42 years, 5% 43-44 years and 1.9% 44+ years
      • Not essential or life saving treatment
      • Multiple births are more likely and these are more costly for the NHS to cater for
    • Yes
      • Human Rights Act - Article 8 - Right to a family life
      • Private IVF could create a two tier system between those that can afford it and those that cannot
        • Eugenics
      • Children are psychologically important to couples
      • NHS facilitates other societal norms e.g. plastic surgery on disfigured body parts
      • Gay and lesbian people may not have another way to become parents are may not be able to afford IVF privately


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