Shaw Nuff by Dizzy Gillespie (1945)

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  • Shaw Nuff by Dizzy Gillespie  (1945)
    • Performed by a Quintet featuring only 2 horns, Parker on Sax and Gillespie on trumpet.
    • Conveys the complexity and passion of jazz in an intimate space
    • 32 bar AABA - using the chord progression of George Gershwin's 'I Got Rhythm'.
    • Introduction: Piano and drums. Syncopated rhythms, flattened 5th on piano
    • Head: Trumpet and Saxophones in octaves
    • Chorus 1: Sax solo. Uneven accents. Upper register. Timbrel dissonance
    • Chorus 2: Dizzy Gillespie -Trumpet. High tune. Semi-quaver runs
    • Chrous 3: Piano solo. Fast moving. LH=comping. RH=semiquavers
    • Head: Composed part. Piano comping underneath. SAME
    • Coda: Drums. Trumpets melody with drum. Brings back intro
    • Tempo: Fast tempo. 288 crotchet beats per min
    • Rhythm: Fast eight notes. Notes not evenly played. Some accented, others are ghosted.
      • Rhythm: 'dropping bombs' Comping on piano adds another layer
    • Rhythm: Rhythm section fragments into layers. No foundation - background halo (by ride cymbal) and walking bass.
    • Harmony: Elements of dissonance. Riff distance = triton or a flattened 5th.
    • Solos: Solo improve. Show off soloists virtuosity. Complexities of rhythm and harmony


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