Curious incident set in the opening section

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  • Set design in the opening section (Bunny Christie)
    • Brechtian feel = no curtain
    • Raked floor = audience ease of viewing
    • Exits were clearly flush with the walls and did not disturb action
    • Square box set = claustrophobic
    • 3 surrounding walls and floor were lit by house lights.
      • Were clearly demarcated into grid paper with visible squares in an organised fashion.
        • Background was black and the line were made up of white LEDs.
    • Christopher sketched a dog on the floor.
      • Appeared in synchronisation on the back wall.
    • Christopher drew a circle around Mr Shears.
      • A circle then appeared around the man's shadow on the back wall.
    • The LED screen at the back showed 'PRIME SUSPECT' in serif font.
      • Links to the convention of a murder mystery.
    • Chris mentions space a d the LED strips on the edges of the box turned blue.
      • Other worldliness.


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