Reconstructive Memory - Evaluation

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  • Reconstructive Memory - Evaluation
    • War of the Ghosts
      • words became replaced and story got shorter
        • 'canoe' became 'boat'
          • supports because cultural shemas affect the way we remember things - addapt the story to their culture
    • Allport and Postman (1947)
      • Razor - descriptions changed so that the black man was holding the razor
        • Stereotype shemas
    • Brewer and Treyens (1981)
      • recalled objects they expected to see in a office (even if it wasn't there)
        • Office she,as
    • Lab based
      • lacks ecological validity
        • Does not reflect a real life situation
      • reliable - highly controlled
    • Application
      • understanding eye-witness testimony
        • What we recalll may be different to what we saw because shemas affect our memory
    • Carli
      • stereotyped
        • story ending with **** - the ****** became threatening before the event
          • ****** shemas are that they are threatenting


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