Selective Attention

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  • Selective Attention
    • Attention is limited mental resource - power cognition but gets used up - only pay attention to limited things at once
    • Attending to one source of info & ignoring others - necessary to choose most important out of all stimuli in environment
    • Auditory: Cherry (1953) cocktail party to illustrate focussing on one convo - Dichotic listening can shadow well but hear little from unattended channel - limited capacity
      • Treisman (1964) Czech English accent, 4/30 detected peculiar audio
      • Can report physical characteristics (Cherry) and some semantic input does leak through if important, eg 1/3 heard own name (Moray, 1959)
    • Visual: Like a torch beam - priority then less processing, or spotlight, zoom lens or multiple spotlights.
    • Change Blindness (Rensink et al 1997) - only notice change when focussing on object - pairs of images separated by flicker. Easier when central.
    • Inattentional Blindness (Mack & Rock 1998) - not noticing unexpected object because focussed on other stimuli. Fixation point and cross bars length, didn't notice shape change of target (89% noticed nothing)
    • IB (Moore & Egeth 1997) - random dots, then arranged in illusion (90% couldn't pick correct pattern), but illusion affected results by 95%


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