Selective Attention

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  • Selective and Divided Attention
    • Modern definitions of attention
      • Ability to block out info which isn't useful
      • Mental process of concentrating on stimulus
      • Involves selective and divided attention
      • Has a strong relationship with memory
    • CHERRY (1953): Cocktail Party Effect
      • Developed by MORAY (1959)
      • Often unaware of a conversation until something catches our attention
        • Such as hearing your own name
        • suggests we subconsciously monitor conversations but do not consciously pay attention
    • Selective Attention - Concentrating on one thing at the expense of other things
      • Do not notice the gorilla = good selective attention
    • SIMON & CHABRIS (1999): Gorilla Experiment
      • Do not notice the gorilla = good selective attention
    • Divided Attention - allows us to monitor several things
      • doing several tasks while cooking
    • TREISMAN (1986)
      • TREISMAN (1969): Attenuation Model
        • Unattended signals weakened instead of blocked out completely
        • Untitled
    • BROADBENT (1958): Filter Model of Attention
      • we focus our attention on one 'channel' of info


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