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  • Digging
    • There is no pattern to the stanzas, perhaps to reflect the idea that there is no pattern or predictability to our memories.
    • Title is blunt
    • His grandfather dug turf, his father dug up potatoes, Heaney is digging up his memories and his past.
    • Tenses
      • Then goes into the past tense when he remembers his father and grandfather at work
      • The last two stanzas return to the present, when Heaney realises that his work is to write.
    • The  enjambment     between the second and third stanza is dramatic.
      • Heaney looks down from his window to see his father digging - and then we find he is looking back twenty years
      • The pause between the stanzas indicates the gap in time.
    • Quotes
      • "My grandfather cut more turf in a day"
        • Heaney boasts about his grandfather's skill - he presents him as a champion digger
      • "By God, the old man could handle a spade."
        • his reminds us that Heaney's father is now an old man, but also shows his fondness for him
        • Old man is a common term of affection. Heaney is clearly proud of him too.


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